Need A Dessert?

Chocolate FondueHave you planned a romantic night with your sweetheart and realized that you forgot dessert? I know that I have. One of the best solutions is to quickly make a dessert that takes very little time to throw together and will get you rave reviews: chocolate fondue.

I’ve known people who didn’t want to give fondue a try because it sounds intimidating. It took me a really long time before I even attempted to make a cheesy fondue … and guess what? It was a disaster. So I admit – I’ve had my fair share of cooking catastrophes.

So when a friend told me about the chocolate fondue she had at a restaurant, I thought that it was something that I needed to try. It didn’t sound too difficult, so I started experimenting. I discovered that it is easy to throw together and is really good!

Here’s a quick and easy chocolate fondue recipe for you to try:

Quick and Easy Chocolate Fondue

1 bag of milk chocolate chips (you can also use dark chocolate chips if you prefer the flavor of dark chocolate)

1 small container of heavy cream

Suggested treats to dip: strawberries, marshmallows, Oreos, graham crackers, or choose your own favorites!

  1.  In a fondue pot (or you can use a dip crockpot, which is my favorite), pour in your chocolate chips and let them start to melt.
  2. As the chocolate starts to melt, but is still pretty clumpy, add 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and stir.
  3. Continue to let the chocolate melt and stir occasionally. The mix should start to smooth out. If it still seems clumpy, add a little more cream until it smooths out.
  4. Dip your favorite treat. Ta da! You’re done!

It really can be that easy to have a tasty, quick dessert. What are your favorite quick and easy desserts? For other ideas, visit your library’s cooking neighborhood or search your library’s catalog.

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