Missing Ingredient

You’ve found an awesome cookbook and the recipe to die for until you go shopping and can’t find the “one” ingredient.  The main grocery stores in Topeka, although they have good selections, just don’t carry this specific item.  What is a cook to do?  Never fear, Topeka has a few specialty stores that just may come to your rescue.

Moburts SpicesIMAG0830 small

732 Gage Blvd

(785) 806-3025


IMAG0828 small

Mabuhay Asian & Oriental Food Mart

4014 SW Huntoon St, Topeka

(785) 273-5348


El Rodeo Mexican & Latin American Grocery Stores20130927_080422 small

1706 SE 6th Ave

(785) 267-5407



20130927_081247 smallIce & Olives Specialty Market

3627 SE 29th Street

(785) 215-8460



Cosmos Indian Store

734 Massachusetts St, Lawrence

(785) 856-0080


(I included Cosmos as they used to have a store in Topeka and Lawrence isn’t far away…road trip!)


If you have a favorite specialty store in Topeka I haven’t listed, please feel free to add their address in the comments field.  Shop local, tuck in and enjoy!