I didn’t know the library had cake pans!

Cupcakes, cake pops, upside-down cakes and even regular cakes all have something in common: they need to be baked in a special pan. You can experiment with different shapes and styles of cakes, without investing in lots of bakeware thanks to your library.

After selecting a recipe from a library cookbook or a family recipe, you need to find the perfect pan. Conveniently, there are cake pans and silicone molds available for you to check out! The process is like checking out a book.

You can check out a cake pan for 14 days, the perfect amount of time to make a few cakes and share them. (Quick note: you can’t renew checkouts of cake pans.) Browse all the pans and put the one you want on hold. With more than 30 cake pans from Elsa to Santa your creation possibilities are endless.

Each pan comes with instructions and a container to make storing as easy as possible. When you finish using the pan, make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly then return them to the library ‘s customers service desk or a bookmobile. You have now completed baking with the library!

Whether you’re looking to find a new hobby, celebrate a special occasion or just want to make a cake, the library gives you the opportunity to do so with our unique pans.

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Washburn University student Shelby Munoz is our communications intern for spring 2023.