How to Design Your Own Tattoo

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Have you ever looked at a tattoo and wondered what the story behind it was, or how someone could create such a uniquely beautiful design? You aren’t alone! Body art is more common than ever, and each piece displays its own distinctive features. While the story behind the art is different for every person, anyone can become inspired to create their own one-of-a-kind image.

It all starts with the design

While comprised of line work, shapes, colors, and text, many tattoo stories begin with only a pencil and paper. If you’re an artist at heart, you can begin designing your own tattoo by finding inspiration from books, artwork, or even online. If you tend to be most comfortable drawing stick figures, however, don’t fret! Communicating with your tattoo artist will ensure that you both come up with something that fits your artistic vision. And remember – it’s OKAY to take your time in creating your design. Something so permanent should never be rushed.

Courtesy of Sianna Grover, Jane Snedden Peever, and Jade Myers

Getting the message across

Wording can also be an important feature in a tattoo, especially if you’re trying to get a specific message across. Aside from making sure that everything is spelled correctly (after all, it’s on you forever!), many are drawn toward particular styles of text and calligraphy. Practicing calligraphy can be delightfully challenging and surprisingly relaxing. Whether you’re drawn to thick, bold letters, or something daintier, there are plenty of materials out there to spark your creativity. The library is a great place to begin your artistic journey.

Courtesy of Nitro Tattoos & Tavo Garcia Tattoos

Most importantly, have fun! 

Courtesy of Anna Wasp

Speaking from personal experience, designing your own tattoo can be exciting and memorable. Whether you’re searching for inspiration on your new ‘piece,’ or just interested in the history of body art, the library offers a vast assortment of material to read. Even if you’re not set on getting a tattoo, you’ll find many forms of art to learn about, and may even become inspired to begin designing for yourself!

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