Here We Go Again

I know that it is December and everyone is thinking about Christmas. But yesterday, I got my first seed catalog for the 2012 garden season. And I have to say I was very excited. And now that I am looking at the calendar, I have noticed that the Master Gardeners will be coming back for the 2012 gardening season. Hooray. I enjoyed and learned so much last year from their great programs. I am really looking forward to this year as well.

The first program that they will present will be on Starting Seeds which is just so appropriate since I have gotten my first seed catalog. Have you ever tried to start your garden from seed? It would be so great to have little seedlings that I have grown myself instead of waiting until they come into the garden stores. I did try it one year but it was not very successful. I think one reason that it wasn’t very productive is that I didn’t have a real warm location for the seeds to germinate. So, I definitely will be at that program to find out more about growing seeds.

Growing seeds with the Master Gardeners will be on January 5th from 7:00-8:00 pm in the Anton Room. I am so anxious to find out how to start seeds and I am so excited that gardening is about to start again. Remember too that if you need a really good gardeing fix this winter, check out the lawn and garden neighborhood. Have a great holiday and see you in January.

Kathy is a former employee and wrote some great posts including the series All Booked Up.