Get This Garden Started

Are you trying to eat better, get more exercise or reduce stress? You can get a start on all these things by planting a garden. Spring is almost here and our Lawn and Garden Neighborhood has plenty of resources to get you going.

Vegetables fresh from the garden taste better and are the best source of the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy. More fresh vegetables and fruits help our heart health, blood pressure and help prevent cancer, according to Harvard Medical School, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Gardening can be a form of moderate to strenuous exercise. It combines all types of exertion such as aerobic, strength training and stretching. Gardening can also be a form of stress relief. Getting outside and being in the natural world for a time can lower depression and anxiety symptoms and cortisol levels.


If you’re a first time gardener check out these beginning gardening books.

Cover of book How to Grown - flowers How to Grow by Hollie Newton – This is the gardening book reimagined for a new generation. A book for people who want to learn how to grow things, but haven’t got a clue where to start.



The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening by Roger Holmes – A beautifully illustrated and photographed book that contains all the basics: garden design, how to select healthy plants, how prepare the soil and garden maintenance.


Kitchen Gardening for Beginners by Simon Akeroyd – This book takes readers through 10 steps to prepare a garden plot with need-to-know techniques and easy garden projects.



Beginner Gardening Step by Step by Dorling Kindersley, Inc. – This book shows you the basics to get your yard or green space under control and keep it that way. It also gives you lots of garden ideas you can do yourself – all with step-by-step photographs.


Your First Garden by Judith Adam – A primer on the basic elements of landscape design and garden creation: planning for scale and balance, color selection and architectural features are all landscape elements that homeowners must understand.


Master Gardeners

Get expert advice from the Shawnee County Extension’s Master Gardeners through their response line and at library events. Their next event is Thu, March 7, 7 -8 pm, Marvin Auditorium 101B when they will talk about Community Gardens 101. See the full list of Master Gardener library events. They also offer many other services such as plant sales and a sick plant clinic.

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