Dreaming of Gardens

January isn’t a good month for gardening in Kansas. So why not use this time to plan changes and additions to your garden? The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library has a wide variety of books on landscaping and garden design to inspire you.

A couple of books that caught my eye were A Garden Gallery and Dream Gardens Across America.

George Little and David Lewis invite you into their garden and share their years of design experiences in A Garden Gallery. They began gardening together as an artistic endeavor, focusing on finding ways to mix their sculptures and artwork into gardens. Take a peek at the results by looking at their website filled with glorious photographs.

Dream Gardens Across America is a Better Homes and Gardens book. So, just as you would suspect, this is more of a gorgeous picture book than a how-to manual. This book provides delightful dreaming. The editors have chosen a wide variety of inspirational gardens (including Little and Lewis) for their color, charm, and design.

Check out the 712s in the Lawn and Garden Neighborhood for more garden design inspiration. What would like to change about your lawn or garden this year? Or tell me what’s in your dream garden? I’d love to have a small, trickling water feature.