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Inside the August 2011 issue you’ll find out what you can do to help your active dog avoid heatstroke during this season of frequent heat advisories.  Keep your dog fit by increasing the amount of indoor activity, like playing tug-of-war.  Remember the importance of hydration, that water requirements differ, and puppies generally need more hydration than adults.  Another way to keep your dog cool and happy:  make easy frozen treats such as Lemon-Mint Dog Sherbet (see recipe on page 10).

The featured breed for August is the German Shepherd.  Brush up on its history, life expectancy, health issues, socialization, and training requirements.  What’s it like living with a German Shepherd?  If he’s trained early he’ll be a great pet.  According to Dog World, people who live with a German Shepherd admire his intelligence, work ethic, versatility and loyalty. 

Dog World is in the magazines and newspapers room and all issues except the most current issue may be checked out for seven days with your library card.  If you’re a dog lover, take advantage of the library’s subscription to this magazine and see what you think!  And if you’re considering adopting a German Shepherd, check the American Kennel Club for breed info and stop by the Pets Neighborhood to learn even more about this incredible herding and working dog.




Kimberly Sain

As a Public Services Specialist, in addition to Reference work I promote the Travel, Pets, and Lawn & Garden Neighborhoods, coordinate nature-themed programs for adults and families, and serve on the Big Read planning committee. My interests include exploring new travel destinations, National Parks, Alaska, hiking trails in Kansas, Colorado and Arkansas, birding, Sandhill crane migration, Monarch waystations, Kansas native plants, citizen science activities, volunteer work as a certified Kansas Master Naturalist, and reading essays about the natural environment. Peter Matthiessen's Shadow Country is my all-time favorite novel.