Cockatiels Make an Excellent Pet


If you are thinking about getting a pet bird, consider a cockatiel. Cockatiels are great birds for beginners, because they are usually gentle, loving, and very personable birds. They are relatively easy to take care of and far less demanding than the larger parrots. They are a playful bird whose antics you will come to love.

Cockatiels generally live around fifteen to twenty years but can live as long as 30. They average about 14 inches in length and weigh from 75 grams to well over 120 grams. Cockatiels come in a variety of colors including grey, yellow, white, soft cocoa brown (cinnamon), pastel tan (fallow), and silver. Cockatiels have normal markings or may be pearl, pied, totally white, or combinations like pearl pied. They are known for their cheek patches which can be orange, pale peach, or even white. Unlike other small parrots, cockatiels have a crest that can give us an idea of how the bird is feeling. When the crest is laying flat against the head, the bird is calm and relaxed. When the crest is vertical, the bird is alert and interested. If the crest is raised as far as it can go, the bird is tense or concentrating.

If you set aside time each day to handle and play with your cockatiel, you will have a loving and tame bird.

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Marta Miles

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