Check Out Our Garden Magazines

Our magazines do check out! The latest copy needs to stay in the building, but the rest of the issues are up for grabs. You can check out as many as you want for 7 days, so why not get some garden inspiration and advice from magazines? Here are a few articles I found interesting:

Anemone "Pretty Lady Diana"

In the Jan/Feb issue of The American Gardener, there is an article titled, “New for 2012” by Mary Yee. It’s always fun to look at the new hybrids that the seed and plant companies are offer. The American Gardener provides glossy photographs of many of the new plants and information on the growing preferences of the plants including USDA Hardiness Zone and AHS Heat Zone recommendations.

Lewisia Longipetala "Little Mango"

Two new perennials suitable for Kansas weather that caught my eye were Pretty Lady Diana and Little Mango.

The article “Plant This, Not That” in the April 2011 issue of Fine Gardening takes a thoughtful look at alternatives to commonly used or overused plants. Susan Morrison’s suggestions are based on her personal experiences growing the recommended plants.