Celebrate National Quilting Day March 17th

National Quilting Day

The third Saturday of March every year since 1991 has been designated as National Quilting Day by the National Quilting Association.  This year it falls on March 17th.

Who wants to make a green quilt in St Patrick’s Day style?


Browse the quilting books at the library to jump start your quilting project.  You’ll find applique, easy patchwork, strip quilting, scrap quilts, traditional and modern quilt ideas, and more in the West Wing of the library at 746.46 in the soon-to-be-formed Crafts Neighborhood.

You can share your love of quilts and quilting by giving back to your community. Contact local organizations to see if they have a need for your quilt donations.

  • Make lap quilts for nursing homes and VA hospitals
  • Sew baby quilts for new babies at the hospital
  • Donate quilts to the rescue mission and battered women’s shelter
  • Give a gift to the fire department or Red Cross to help during emergencies

Local Quilting Guilds


Kansas Capital Quilters Guild

Country Quilters


Kaw Valley Quilters Guild


Calico Gardens Quilt Guild

Kansas Quilting Guild Directory

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