Bird-safe House Plants


Last month I talked about some plants that are toxic to your pet bird. This month I would like to share a list of houseplants that are safe for your bird.

1. Spider plants: These plants are easy to grow and when planted in a hanging basket, add a decorative touch to your house.

2. Jade plants: These succulents are easy to care for and grow. (When you come to the Library, see the huge jade plant in the North Reading Room.)

3. Boston Ferns: Boston ferns are lush and hardy plants which give a room an exotic look.

4. Aloe Vera plants: Not only are aloe vera plants easy to care for and safe for birds, they have medicinal qualities that can help both people and birds.

5. African violets: African violets bloom several times a year, so they add a colorful addition to your house.

6. Orchids: Orchids get a bad rap for being difficult to grow, but I personally have kept them for years. They aren’t as difficult as you might think. Try one and both you and your bird will find them attractive.

If you have questions about the care of your pet bird, come into the Library and browse the bird books in the Pet Neighborhood.


Marta Miles

My name is Marta Miles, and I have been a reference librarian at TSCPL for 32 years. I'm a life-long animal lover and owner. I've owned guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, dogs, rabbits, and birds. I currently share my abode with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boomer and a cockatiel named Piper. Come see me if you have questions about the Pets Neighborhood. You can also contact me if you have questions about books in our Home Neighborhood.

One thought on “Bird-safe House Plants

  1. I too have a cocker spaniel, named Maya and a cockatiel named pumpkin and a rabbit named teddy.
    I’m looking for a tall animal safe plant that I can put near the stairs.

    If you have any ideas please share them with me.

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