Baking Challenges

For a long time I have been wanting to try baking croissants at home. Every time I’ve watched a cooking show on food network or PBS that featured enriched breads, specifically croissants, I watch very carefully to see what exactly makes these dainty treats so difficult to make. Luckily, after reading many recipes and blogs, I realized there are 2 things you need to be careful with when making croissants:

  • Keep the dough cold! Your croissants will have a flakier crust as a result.
  • Be careful with your measurements. I have a ruler in the kitchen so that I could roll the butter and dough out in specific square and rectangular shapes.

Normally I am not too picky on measurement because I like to have fun in the kitchen and not worry to much about the little things. But  it made a big different in terms of timing how long I needed to keep the dough chilled when I was trying to roll it out and fold it back up. To make it easy, I used a pencil, ruler, and parchment paper to know the exact shape I wanted to dough to be when I rolled, folded, and cut the dough to make the croissant shapes. It made my life a lot easier, and I cannot wait to try this again during the holidays.

If you want to tackle croissants or other bread items, below are cookbooks I would recommend, and you can find them in the Cooking Neighborhood here at the library.

Erin Seeger

I am the Lawn & Garden and Cooking Neighborhood Librarian who also leads the "Bean There, Read That" book discussion for folks in their 20s and 30s, facilitates the "Master Gardener" series, and the "Cooking by the Book" series at Garfield Community Center.

4 thoughts on “Baking Challenges

  1. Did you make the ones in the picture? They look yummy! I’ve made pizza dough before and felt really proud. Croissants are really impressive!

  2. Lena, I did make the croissants in the picture! It look a long time, but I was happy with the result. And you should be very proud of pizza dough. That is a lot of fun to make.

  3. Kudos, Erin! I remember when my sister taught me how to make dough for homemade chocolate eclairs… such tedious work for such simple ingredients.

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