Adding Style with Trim

Trimwork Carpentry

Want to change the interior style of your home? An easy way to do this is by adding or changing trim and molding on the inside of your home. Some of the great things trimwork adds or modifies include: creating a separation of rooms, adding a splash of color, making a room appear larger, changing the architectural style, and many more possibilities.

A room with strong, dark colors on the walls can be hard to decorate and accent with. Adding white trim to any room brightens the space and brings out more accent colors. You can also add chair rails, wainscoting, wall frames and many more types of molding to dampen stronger colors. If you have lighter colors on the wall, consider a darker trim or even black. These colors give a room depth and can highlight windows and vaulted ceilings more effectively.

Open floor plans are popular design choices currently in style. One of the drawbacks of the open floorplan can be knowing where one room ends and another begins. Sometimes it’s also not possible to completely remove a wall without leaving a beam or other support structure from a load bearing wall. Wood casing is great at turning these unsightly support beams into classically designed columns and pillars. These structures can also give a sense of separation between rooms while still having an open floor concept in mind.

types of trim

The many types of trimwork you can add to your home.

Changing the entire architectural style of your home can be simple with trimwork. Choosing the right color and style of molding, you can create a style of Gregorian, Federal, Victorian, Country style or many other styles. You can mix and match styles by changing the color to highlight certain pieces of furniture, accessories and other home furnishings you already own. Avoid combining drastically different styles throughout your home. You can mix similar styles and colors but avoid areas where the two styles will meet in the house creating a jarring transition area.

Some tools you will need to consider purchasing or renting before undertaking a project of this magnitude. Things like a miter saw, a level, and nail gun are nearly essential for any molding or trim carpentry. The best part about finding the right millwork for your home is the vast amount of styles and designs millwork comes in. It’s easy to even paint millwork once you have found a design and style you like. Most importantly, several local home stores offer a wide variety of sizes, heights and designs you can browse, some stores even offer custom to order designs.

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