2 moms that cook

So, who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and children, writes a blog and two cookbooks, and has a dog named Charlie? Well, the Pioneer Woman, that’s who. Yes, the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) has a new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my frontier and it is as good or maybe even better than her first, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an accidental country girl. All of the recipes within both cookbooks are “simple but scrumptious.” But the second one is bigger both in size and seems to have more recipes in it. Yes, it still has photos of her family and her dogs Charlie and Walter. But there seems to be more of an emphasis on the food rather than her family. Last Saturday, I made her Perfect Potatoes au Gratin and Tangy Tomato Brisket for company that we had staying with us. Both recipes makes alot and I really thought I would have some leftovers. Well, sadly, there wasn’t any of it left. What I really like about both cookbooks is the step-by-step photography for each recipe. Sometimes it just helps to see what it looks like as you are making the recipe. Another reason I think that these cookbooks are so popular is that most of the ingredients can be found in any grocery store. I will definitely be making more of these recipes in the months to come. Tequila Lime Chicken with black beans and Mexican rice for Cinco de Mayo… Sounds good to me.

Another mom that has written a cookbook is Kate Workman. My guess is you have not heard of her. Well, you probably will soon. She is the editor in chief of the website cookstr.com She has two children and is constantly being asked “What’s for dinner?” Before I go any further, the name of her new cookbook is The Mom 100 cookbook: 100 recipes every mom needs in her back pocket. To be honest with you, I haven’t made anything from this cookbook as I just got to see it a couple of days ago. But from just looking at it, I really like that there is a great variety of recipes within the book. I found several salads I think my husband would like. There are some comfort food recipes and a soy ginger flank steak that I really want to try too. What is really nice is that for those with children, there is a sidebar by each recipe that tells you what your children can do to help prepare the recipe. So, if you need some recipes that your children will like as well as being very easy, be sure and check out the Pioneer Woman as well as the Mom 100 cookbook.  And be sure and check out the Cooking Neighborhood for other cookbooks that are easy to use with great recipes.

Don’t forget to register for Cooking by the Book book club for cookbook lovers. We will be discussing the Ina Garten cookbooks. Just come in and find a recipe, make it and bring your food that you made on Thursday, May 10th from 7:00-8:00 pm in the Anton Room. You can call me at 580-4540 if you have any questions about this book club or to register. Happy Cooking!!

Kathy is a former employee and wrote some great posts including the series All Booked Up.

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  1. I LOVE the new Pioneer Woman cookbook. I have been reading a library copy over the past couple weeks and have marked so many different recipes to try. Both cookbooks sounds great not only for moms, but for folks who are just plain busy!

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