What’s in your drink?

A lot of people think about how much sugar they are eating, but have you thought about how much sugar you’re drinking? We partnered with Oral Health Kansas to create a display that shows how much sugar is in your drinks. You can also pick up free handouts about Healthy Eating for a Healthy Mouth and toothbrushing tips by the display.

A few of the Healthy Eating (and drinking) for a Healthy Mouth tips include:

  • If you drink fruit juice and milk throughout the day, the sugar in those drinks will increase dental decay.
  • Carbonated sodas like colas and fruit drinks are “double trouble” — the carbonation and sugar produce acid that eats at your tooth enamel.
  • Chips, pretzels, cookies, french fries and bread will produce as much acid as sweets — like sweets, fruit juices and carbonated sodas, foods made with processed starches also combine with acid-producing bacteria to cause tooth decay.

See more Tips and Tricks for Toothbrushing from Oral Health Kansas:

  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush — Hard bristles can wear away the enamel and cause gums to pull away from the teeth. Soft, rounded bristles are more effective and less damaging to the teeth and gums.
  • Brush each tooth surface 10 strokes — Plaque, the sticky coating on the teeth, will build up during the day and it requires careful brushing to remove it.
  • Spit but do not rinse — It is important to leave fluoride on the teeth for 30 minutes to have the best results for stopping decay.
  • Brush just after the last snack for the night and in the morning after breakfast – During sleep, we have less saliva to wash away food.

Special advice for helping a child who is a Reluctant Tooth Brusher:

  • Find toothpaste that your child likes or use water only to start
  • Select a toothbrush for each child’s needs, such as an electric or battery toothbrush, musical toothbrush, or specialty toothbrush
  • Allow your child to hold a comfort item (teddy bear or blanket for example) if necessary while they brush


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