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serious conversation February 14, 2024 · Lissa Staley Accessing mental health support Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. More than 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness. Conversation Kit June 8, 2023 · Lissa Staley Try a Conversation Kit & start talking Sometimes we can all use a little help talking with people we don't know well or talking about difficult subjects. Community Navigator feature 1920x500 March 21, 2023 · Lissa Staley Community navigators are ready to help United Way trained volunteers at the library connect people to community resources & services they need. kettleball featured image 1920x500 January 25, 2023 · Intern I didn't know the library had exercise equipment! From weighted jump ropes to workout DVDs to a kettlebell, the library has options for everyone. Begin your fitness journey today! foodie finds header May 19, 2022 · Adrianne Evans Foodie Finds: Kohlrabi Meet a vitamin-rich alien-looking vegetable and learn how to use it in your cooking. crochet featured 1920x500 January 31, 2022 · Jayme Lyons Creative projects can help you through difficult times Discover how art and crafts can improve your mental health. covid November 15, 2021 · Lissa Staley COVID-19 Information and Resources Find local, state and national COVID-19 details. pandemic featured 1920x500 June 23, 2021 · Sherri Camp Learning About Epidemics & Family History Gives Us Perspective We all have family members who survived previous epidemics and disease, and we are here as a result. Yoga featured 1920x500 May 28, 2021 · Shari Schawo Increase Your Flexibility, Balance and Happiness with Free Yoga Classes Discover the benefits of yoga and how easy it is to get started. Mental Health featured 1920x500 May 5, 2021 · Guest Blogger Learn About the Importance of Mental Health in Everyone's Overall Health Mental Health Month increases awareness of mental health & celebrates recovery from mental illness. Suicide Prevention featured 1920x500 September 15, 2020 · Guest Blogger Learn About Suicide Prevention Help prevent suicide by learning to identify warning signs & supporting people to get treatment. health care featured 1920x500 August 11, 2020 · Lissa Staley Health Care in Shawnee County During COVID-19 Watch the League of Women Voters Topeka-Shawnee County presentation by Linda Ochs and Alice Weingartner. June 24, 2020 · Donna Casey Going Organic Learn about organic gardening and find resources to start your garden. September 17, 2019 · Emily Hopkins Art and Accessibility Explore how artists maintain their creativity with physical limitations. " Thanksgiving at the Trolls" from flickr user floodllama: CC by 2.0 November 10, 2018 · Lissa Staley Share Your Health History on Thanksgiving While it might be awkward, documenting your family health history is important to your health. October 10, 2018 · Luanne Webb Keep Colds Away Get tips to reduce kids' risk of getting colds and flu, and tips to care for sick kids. Placeholder - No Image Available August 17, 2018 · LaVoyce Ewing ElastiBrain - Your Brain's Potential New scientific research is proving that our brains can change and reorganize throughout our entire lives. June 27, 2018 · Lissa Staley What's in your drink? A new display asks people to consider how much sugar is in their drink. Tips to increase Health Eating for a Healthy Mouth and tooth brushing basics are included. April 30, 2018 · Lissa Staley Mental Health Awareness Donna Park, LSCSW, at Valeo Behavioral Health Care answers questions about mental health. April 10, 2018 · Lissa Staley Making health care decisions if you are unable Learn how making important health care decisions now helps provide for a legal decision-maker or documents to guide a patient’s medical care. January 16, 2018 · Ginger Park New Year, Healthier You Review some small steps (and a couple big ones) can you take to live a happier, healthier year. December 15, 2017 · Nate Hohl Loneliness and Older Adults Find out what you can do to help the older adults in your life feel more connected. toy safety featured December 1, 2017 · Lissa Staley Think Toy Safety For Gifts Use these toy safety tips from trusted health information resources to have a safe and healthy holiday! Placeholder - No Image Available October 17, 2017 · Lissa Staley Keep your family healthy Find trusted sources of health information for you and your family.
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