New Exercise, Fitness, and Yoga DVDs in the Health Information Neighborhood

Fitness DVDs

  • 10 minute solution, best belly blasters! Compact and ultra-efficient, the 10 minute sessions fit into even the busiest of schedules because you can split them into six separate workouts, mix and match your favorites to fit your schedule each day.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 10 M
  • Biggest loser, at-home challenge
    Build your strength, shed pounds, and go from beginner to winner in four weeks. The program includes four ten-minute interval workouts combining strength, cardio, and flexibility for maximum results at home!
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 BIG
  • Biggest loser, calorie knockout
    Kick those pounds to the curb with this extreme cardio circuit training combining martial arts, kickboxing, and other circuit training sequences for maximum burn.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 BIG
  • Jane Fonda prime time, firm & burn
    Dancing is one of her favorite ways to burn calories and stay fit. So join her and strengthen our heart, muscles and mind with three dance-based routines that can burn fat, firm your body and give you energy. Her low-impact workouts are a safe, simple and effective way to get in shape at any age. Do these fun routines regularly. 
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 JAN
  • Jillian Michaels, extreme shed & shred
    Features two 45-minute workouts.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 JIL
  • Shape up & shed pounds
    Kick-start weight loss with Denise Austin’s formula for pure fat-burning fun. Provided is a combination workout program that includes low-impact cardio to condition the heart as well as total-body toning that strengthens and stretches muscles for a body-slimming effect. Viewers can increase the burn and reshape their body from head to toe! Workouts include: Low-Impact Cardio (30 min.); and Stretch & Tone (20 min.) A mat is recommended.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7 SHA
  • Jane Fonda, Prime Time: trim tone & flex
    As we age, it is so important to stay active, strong. and flexible. Toning and stretching the body promotes weight loss and also protects our bones, reduces joint stress. and increases brain function. Both upper- and lower-body workouts build lean, healthy, and supple muscles. And they are fun to do! Try these 20-minute workouts a few times a week and you’ll be healthier and stronger and feel great!
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.70446 JAN
  • Bethenny’s skinny girl workout
    Bethenny Frankel, New York Times bestselling author and star of Bravo’s top-rated Bethenny Ever After, returns with three easy-to-follow yoga practices that can be combined or done separately. Teaming up with New York City yoga instructor Mike McArdle, Bethenny uses her signature wit and levelheaded approach to fitness to make her workout a fun, fast way to get fit and toned. Includes a 12-minute stretching segment.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7046 BET
  • Element, power yoga
    A total body workout anchored in a focused mind and calm breath that will help you develop strength from the inside out. In this dynamic program, filmed on a beautifully serene location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you will flow through a series of strong, powerful poses to tone your entire body while using a deep, cleansing breath to detoxify both your body and your mind.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7046 ELE
  • Shiva Rea, more daily energy, Vinyasa flow yoga
    Features a set of seven practices in a flexible format with an even wider range of skill levels. Each of these practices are twenty-minutes long. Three beginner and four intermediate practices, plus the Yoga Mix, allow consumers to customize their workouts each day.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7046 SHI
  • Yoga journal, 21 day challenge
    Feel motivated, engaged, balanced, centered, and renewed. With a different focus each day of the week, the 21 day challenge will keep even the most restless Yogi engaged. From challenging strength-building flow classes, to calming evening restorative yoga sequences, the program will safely deepen practices, making the viewer a stronger and more balanced practitioner. In just three weeks, the program will transform yoga practice, body, and spirit.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.7046 YOG
  • 28 day boot camp with Coach Nicole
    With over 11 million users and thousands more signing on every month, is the number one healthy-living website in America. SparkPeople’s Coach Nicole leads these four fat-blasting, calorie-torching workouts with her trademark enthusiasm and positive energy. Features a 28-day workout plan customized by Coach Nicole. Includes a variety of high-energy cardio intervals mixed with full body strengthening exercises to banish burnout.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 613.713 28 D
  • 10 minute pilates style workouts: Eva Bondar’s pregnancy workouts
    Get ready for baby with Eva Bondar’s Pilates Pregnancy Workout, a series of five 10-minute workouts to prepare and strengthen the body for the demands of pregnancy, delivery, and baby’s care. The workout sections contain: Whole Body Stretching Warm-up, Core Strengthening Back Workout, Upper Body Toning Workout, Lower Body Strengthening Workout, and the all-important Kegel Workout. Beautifully filmed in the relaxing beach scenery of stunning Maui, Hawaii.
    Health Information Neighborhood DVD 618.244 10 M

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