What YA’ Reading: Quarantine Reads

While we have been staying safe at home, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Here are three of my recent favorites that are available online.

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter 

book cover of not if i save you firstMaddie is the daughter of a Secret Service agent. Logan is the son of the president of the United States. When Maddie’s father is injured in the line of duty, he decides to move to Alaska, taking Maddie with him. She lives in the middle of nowhere. Six years later, Logan’s parents send him to live with Maddie and her father. When someone knocks Maddie off a cliff and kidnaps Logan, Maddie decides she must rescue Logan. She is not just up against the kidnapper, she must also fight against the dangers of the Alaskan wilderness. 

This book was so much fun to read! Maddie and Logan’s relationship takes center stage. How does a relationship survive the trauma that forced Maddie to move as well as the distance that separated them? I was drawn in through their letters during the six years they were apart. You see Maddie’s personality as well as her ability to make light of a serious situation. Logan is easy to relate to as he wants to protect his best friend, even though his life is in great danger.  

If you like a suspenseful read, this is the book for you! The ebook and audiobook are both on OverDrive. The audiobook is also on Hoopla.

The Queen’s Assassin (The Queen’s Secret #1) by Melissa de la Cruz 

book cover of the queen's assassinCaledon (Cal) Holst is the Queen’s Assassin, the deadliest weapon at the queen’s disposal. Cal is bound to the queen by a magic that keeps him from truly living his life until he fulfills her mission. Shadow wants to join the Guild, despite her mother and aunts’ expectation that she will take her place in the Renovian Court. When Cal is sent to prison, Shadow defies her family and runs away. She is determined to save Cal and take charge of her destiny. When they end up on a mission for the queen, the information they uncover and the choices they make irrevocably change their lives forever. 

I was drawn in from the first page! Cal’s need to fulfill his mission and be free of the magic binding him has driven his entire life. Shadow has long known her family’s expectations. She knows she has little choice in how to live her life. Even as Cal and Shadow speak little of these expectations throughout much of the book, they push the novel forward. I needed resolution to their questions. This book ends with a twist I never saw coming and has me greatly anticipating the sequel.

The ebook and audiobook are both on OverDrive.

Serpent & Dove (Serpent & Dove #1) by Shelby Mahurin 

book cover of serpent and doveLouise (Lou) le Blanc is a witch, living in a land that fears anyone like her. If Lou is discovered, she will be burned at the stake. Reid Diggory lives in service to the church, hunting witches. When Lou and Reid’s paths cross, it ends with the one thing neither wanted: marriage. With secrets they must keep from everyone, including each other, their feelings for each other begin to grow. They must choose between the lives they have always lived and the lives they could live. 

The characters in this story are the best part of the book. Lou is the kind of protagonist I love! She is sassy, smart and utterly amusing. Reid is her opposite in so many ways. He is sworn to his duty and sees the world in black and white, as opposed to Lou’s shades of gray. As they interact throughout the book, I wanted to read more. Their relationship is fascinating in its development from complete disdain to friendship to love. 

If you like books with fun characters, read this book. The ebook and audiobook are both on OverDrive. The audiobook is also on Hoopla.

Abigail is the Community Services Librarian. Some of her favorite genres are young adult fantasy, inspirational fiction, and chick lit. She loves to listen to music, crochet, watch DIY television, and eat pretty much anything that involves potatoes or chocolate.