What YA’ Reading: Mysterious fantasy

Mystery and fantasy are amazing genres that are even better together. Check out my top picks for mysterious fantasy!

League of Liars by Astrid Scholte

book cover of league of liarsFollowing the death of his mother, Cayder is determined to see justice for all illegal users of magic. As an apprentice to one of the top public defenders Cayder gets to see inside the justice system. He learns how the defense works, which will help him be a better prosecutor in the future. When Cayder meets some of the criminals he is supposed to help, he discovers things aren’t as simple as he thought. They each have their secrets they need to protect.

League of Liars was a really fun read that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Discovering new things about each character’s past and how their actions affected the present made them feel more real and relatable. Cayder’s growth as a character is particularly interesting. He starts out with such a black and white perspective on the world and grows to see all the shades of gray. I loved the mystery about where magic came from that’s woven throughout the story as Cayder struggles to reconcile what he thinks he knows with the information he learns.

If you like League of Liars, the sequel is scheduled to come out in 2024. For more books by Astrid Scholte, check out her debut novel Four Dead Queens.

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

book cover of the gilded wolvesIn a world filled with strange abilities, members of the Order of Babel have wealth, power and prestige. Severin was born into this life and then it was stolen from him. He is determined to get it back. When the Order gives him a mission Severin knows failure is not an option. Working with an unlikely group of allies, they will do whatever it takes to succeed because the reward is everything they ever wanted.

Chokshi’s beautiful writing lushly describes the setting in 1889. It was an absolute pleasure to follow this band of misfits. The banter between the characters is funny and makes the friendships feel real. Filled with twists and turns, this book kept me guessing from beginning to end. This is the first book in a trilogy. If you love magic, history and a good heist, this is the book for you.

To continue the story check out the sequel The Silvered Serpents. To read more by Roshani Chokshi I also recommend her novel The Star-Touched Queen.


Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

book cover of belladonnaFollowing the death of her parents, Signa was raised by a number of guardians, who each died  untimely deaths. The Hawthornes take her in to their home while mourning the death of their own matriarch. The deceased mother’s spirit appears to Signa for help. Death himself has been a constant in Signa’s life and she can inexplicably see and talk to him. When they realize their connection may be deeper, Signa knows he may be just the help she needs.

This story was stunningly beautiful and the ending left me wanting more. The personification of Death as an individual, particularly a sympathetic one, was unexpected. His interactions with Signa are fun to read and give both characters a greater depth. Signa focuses throughout the story on wanting to become a proper lady. Without someone to guide her, she struggles to learn, which makes her relatable. Following Signa through her investigation into who is behind the poisoning is a mystery that kept me reading right up to the very end.

The sequel to Belladonna, Foxglove, is scheduled for release in August 2023. If you would like to read more Adalyn Grace books, check out her series, All the Stars and Teeth.

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