There’s something Rotten in The Company Man

Company ManThe McNaughton Corporation is a force in the world with their inventions like airships and guns, and in the center of it is the city they created, Evesden. A sprawling city teaming with people who are either trying to find their fortune or more likely have given up hope. In the middle of it all is Cyril Hayes, a man with a secret talent that sometimes does investigative work for McNaughton. A loose cannon, Hayes hasn’t worked for awhile until a conflict between the union and the corporation appears to have taken a violent turn.

After a trolley pulls into the station, eleven dead bodies are discovered, all of them with union connections, it becomes clear that the stakes have just gotten higher in the conflict. McNaughton needs Hayes’s talent but doesn’t fully trust him and with good reason: he has no loyalty to the company. If Hayes isn’t careful he might find himself the next victim in The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett. This novel has a thriller’s edge intermixed with a little science fiction and alternative history for an absorbing read.


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