The Time Bending Thursday Next Series

The Eyre AffairThe evil villain, Acheron Hades, has stolen the manuscript of Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. The authorities want to capture him before Hades kills one of the characters and makes the character disappear from the story. So Special Operations contacts one of the few people who have seen Hades, Thursday Next, the gun toting Special Ops from the Literary Division. In The Eyre Affair, Hades threats go beyond the characters of Chuzzlewit to include Jane Eyre.

This is the first book in a madcap series featuring Thursday by Jasper Fforde. The world in this series is similar to our own, but there are some big differences like Time Travel is just another part of Special Operations or that England is still fighting the Crimean War. Characters of books can step outside their novels and readers can slip into them. With humor, sarcasm, and the unexpected, this series is a fun trip through literature and a time bending adventure. There are six books in the series with the latest being One of Our Thursdays is Missing.


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  1. I love this series too. I read the first couple awhile back intending to read them all. You reminded me I need to get back to them!

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