The Sci Fi Thriller Debut of Mind Storm

Mind StormAfter 250 years the world has not recovered from the nuclear war that has scarred humans and earth. There are still some humans with clean DNA but for others genetic mutations have given them powers beyond any human experience though at a cost. No longer considered human, they are called psions, and some have been enslaved by the government under the threat of death to protect humans from the rogue psions.

Mars seems like the promised land to the multitudes on earth, but there is only limited space on the ships that are leaving for the planet. One powerful man, Nathan Serca, appears to control who will stay and go, however, someone else is about to upset Nathan’s plans for the future. In Mind Storm by K. M. Ruiz, a desperate world struggles to survive while the powerful try to determine the ultimate fate of humanity. This is the first Strykers Syndicate Novel that promises to be an exciting and engaging new series.


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