The Intense Simon Serrailler Mystery Series

The Betrayal of TrustThe quiet English town of Lafferton is for the most part a safe place, but even here murder or even murders can happen. Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler is the obsessive detective who combs through the evidence to find the killer. His life too is a part of Lafferton since his family lives here as well. His sister Cat is a doctor who is dedicated to her patients, and then there is the strained relationship between Simon and his father.

The books in the Simon Serrailler Mystery Series are complicated and involved as the stories focus on the victims and suspects as much as Simon and his family. The first book is The Various Haunts of Men when a series of seemingly unrelated disappearances gain the attention of a young policewoman and ultimately Simon is on the case. The sixth book, The Betrayal of Trust is just released. This series by Susan Hill with its serious mood is an intense read that is a running narrative about Simon, his family, and the town of Lafferton.

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