The Hobbit: A Party at Bag End

J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit has finally been made into not just one but three live-action movies. Three movies? But it’s not a very long book! Oh well, we’ll trust Peter Jackson and his brilliant writing team to conjure up three excellent Hobbit films.  And you can celebrate this well loved novel and the first of those films with us at our program The Hobbit: A Party at Bag End.

We will have Hobbit related crafts, games, trivia and other activities in Marvin auditorium on Wednesday, December 12th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Join us for all the fun! Feel free to dress up as your favorite character.

And even though it’s a long shot, I’m trying to get one of the characters from the book to make an appearance at our program. So far, no luck. Here’s a partial transcript of my conversation with Gandalf.


Me: So you won’t be coming to our program The Hobbit: A Party at Bag End?

Gandalf: I didn’t say I wouldn’t come. I said you should talk to my agent.

Me: Why would you, a great wizard of Middle Earth, need an agent?

Gandalf: Because people like you keep asking me to show up to their events.

Me: You pay someone to say “no” for you? Hmm. What about Bilbo? Maybe he would come.

Gandalf: (laughing) Fool! We all have agents now, and Bilbo’s is an especially tough negotiator! He hired a dwarf, after all. (He puffed thoughtfully at his pipe) Of course, there is one character in Middle Earth without representation . . .

Me: Really? I’ll take anybody! Who is it? Oh no! It’s not-

Gandalf: That’s right, Gollum. He’d do it for a bucket of fish. And maybe some stray jewelry.

Me: Well, I guess the price is right. Do you have Gollum’s cell phone number?

Make an appearance at the program yourself to see if the creature Gollum shows up.