The Epic Fantasy of The Dragon’s Path

The Dragon's PathIn a land once dominated by dragons, the descendents of the dragon’s experiments still live. There are thirteen different types of humans- some engineered for war while others for tasks ranging from mining to more intellectual pursuits- though the largest group is the Firstblood, the unaltered humans. The dragons might be gone, but war continues to threaten the land as tension grows between the Free Cities and the Severed Throne.

Some in the Free Cities would like to escape before war arrives. Young Cithrin, disguised as a man, tries to smuggle out the gold into a safer area. Then there is Marcus, a former soldier who the authorities would like to impress into the army, but he is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to evade the service.

The troops and the nobility of the Sacred Throne prepare for war, but that doesn’t stop the threat of assassination or the intrigue. Young and inexperienced, Geder is tormented by the other officers, but instead of destroying him he becomes much more dangerous.

The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham is the first book in the series The Dagger and The Coin which promises to be an epic fantasy with intense world building and complexity. Multiple characters tell their stories creating numerous story lines that don’t intersect even in this first book. Abraham is also the author of the popular Long Price Quartet.


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