The Bookmark S4E4: Keeping it short

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This episode is all about reading short books and/or fast-reads. Most of these books are under 200 pages. We’re keeping it short book-wise, but the episode is full-length.

Autumn found a super-condensed version of How to Win Friends and Influence People that is short and concise enough she can use it as a reference book. She also talks about The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, which will be turned into a stop-motion animated film soon. Autumn promises that although Merry Little Meet Cute is more than 400 pages, it’s a quick read that’ll keep you sucked in with humor and steamy parts.

Miranda keeps it short with short stories and vignettes. The vignettes in My Name is Lucy Barton pack a punch with heavy trauma. Her other pick of short stories is In the Valley.

In typical Chris-fashion, he lined his books up in order of length. He brings us Malagash, a book about a girl named Sunday who knowing her dad’s life is going to be cut short because of cancer, records everything he does to create a computer virus so he may live forever. Another father-daughter relationship is the subject of his next recommendation West. Size is in the title of his last suggestion, Small Things Like These, which just happens to be a book also sitting on Autumn’s desk.

Since you’ll have all these short reads read by next time, we look forward to talking to you about the Booker Awards.

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