The Bookmark S4E3: Reading slump part 2

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We’re picking up where we left off last week in our discussion about reading slumps.

Autumn has more nonfiction that helped her through her slump. The appropriately titled Burnout is just one of the books she read about the fight or flight response our bodies go through when dealing with stress, which includes flashbacks and PTSD. Miranda couldn’t bring herself to read anything light and/or fluffy during this time, and has even dived into some Booker Books, which are serious books and usually Chris’ territory.

Chris helped us out by researching reading slumps and bringing some articles with him. To get out of a reading slump, EpicReads suggests the following:

  • rereading favorites,
  • read a book you don’t think you’ll like,
  • try the first 5-10 pages of several books to see where that leads you,
  • try a new genre,
  • pick a new series, and
  • read a book that inspired your favorite author.

The article from BiblioLifeStyle talks about common causes for reading slumps, as well as giving ideas as to how to get through them. It suggests taking a break from reading (yes, this is a thing you can do!), listen to/watch an author interview, set the mood for reading (whether it be for reading in general or that specific book), surround yourself with reading stuff/knickknacks, and choose other alternative activities.

What are your solutions for getting out of a reading slump? We’d love to hear them!

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