The Birth of Forensic Pathology in The Yard

The YardInspector Little was found in a trunk murdered with his eyes and mouth sewn shut. It’s a grisly scene, but that doesn’t compare to Jack the Ripper’s killings that have just recently ended. With a city still on edge, Inspector Walter Day with only a week on the job is assigned to the case, and he gets help from an unlikely place: Dr. Bernard Kingsley who is not officially a part of Scotland Yard but a part of the new science of forensic pathology.

It will take more than leg work to solve the case and even though forensic pathology was just beginning Inspector Day hopes Dr. Kingsley can bring some understanding to the obscure clues left behind. Time is of the essence as the pressure builds to find the killer, but unknown to the inspector and the doctor is that the murderer is watching them and is prepared to kill again. The Yard is the first novel in a new series by Alex Grecian who is the author of the graphic novel series Proof.


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