The Award Winning Mysteries of Reed Farrel Coleman

Hurt MachineSecrets can fester and grow, and Moe Prager’s secret hovers over him like death waiting to drop. He and his brother own wine shops, but in Moe’s heart he is still a cop. Though he had to leave the force, he occasionally works as a private investigator. It’s through his work as a PI that he met his wife; it’s also how he got his secret.

The Moe Prager Series by Reed Farrel Coleman is hard core detection at its best. The story carefully develops as Moe meticulously investigates the crime, learning about the victim or missing person, and discovering the webs that surround them. Set mainly in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island, these novels paint a vivid picture of place and the people who live there.

The first book in the series is Walking the Perfect Square where Moe’s secret is born that will haunt him for the rest of his life. There are seven books in the series with the latest being Hurt Machine. Reed has won numerous awards including The Shamus Award, as well as the Macavity, Barry, and Anthony Awards.


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  1. Thanks, Christina. I did not know there was a new book in the series. If someone likes mysteries and detective stories, this series beats the heck out of any other one I can think of. Excellent news!

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