The Action Packed Grimnoir Chronicles

Hard MagicDelilah is a brute, and Jake Sullivan is a heavy, and he’s supposed to help arrest her for the FBI. The FBI needs Jake to counter her power since they’re both actives and have magical powers- as a brute she can increase her strength and as a heavy Jake can change gravitational pull. Most non-magical people don’t trust actives, but Jake discovers that the FBI has been lying to him. There are two secret organizations of active magical people that are at war with each other. Both want Jake, but he doesn’t know if they want him dead or alive,

Faye is a young woman who is a traveler which means she can go to another place in an instant. Her power is raw and grows every day, but she lives isolated on a farm until the war between the two secret organizations comes to her with tragic results. Suddenly she is in the city to discover who is behind the secret organizations and find revenge.

The war is intensifying and both Jake and Faye are about to be swept up and thrown into the fight in Hard Magic is Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles. This is a new series by Larry Correia that takes place in an alternate 1930’s that is filled with action, guns, and magic. Spellbound is Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles which continues the war and discovers a danger behind the magic.


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