Random Movie Thoughts

My request list is frequently filled with a wide variety of movie titles, and even though I might halfheartedly try to time their delivery, they arrive as a mixed bag. So, today I’m sharing an assortment of random thoughts on movies I’ve recently watched.

Grab the box of tissues when you watch The Light Between Oceans. I was proud of myself for keeping a lid on the water works, but then the last 10 minutes happened and I lost it.

Almost Christmas is a standard family gathering style movie. I put it on my list for Danny Glover and I like movies that make me laugh. Mo’Nique was hilarious as Aunt May.Aunt May and Eric

The Girl on the Train stuck pretty close to the book – dark and brooding with that twist at the end. I do like Emily Blunt, but it wasn’t enough to change my tune: the book is always better.

Magnificent Seven was okay. I’m not a connoisseur of westerns and Roger Ebert only gave it two stars, but I’ll watch almost anything Vinnie D is in. And Denzel.

The BFG is b-e-a-utiful! I was really fascinated with BFG’s malapropisms: “De-lumptious.” “mumbley-jumbley.” “Human Beans.” Roald Dahl is a gem of an author!

Hacksaw Ridge is a very decent war movie. I’d even put it right up there with Saving Private Ryan and Unbroken. While I’m thinking about war movies, you should really watch Gettysburg. The book it’s based on is superb – Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

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Shannon Eddings

Shannon is movie-obsessed and her infatuation with the silver screen can be traced back to a single event. After helping her move into her first apartment, her mom left her with this parting remark: “Don’t spend all your money at the movies!” From that point on, thanks to her library card, Shannon continues to feed her obsession! She is the library's Database Administrator.