Paranormal romance part 4


In the previous week, I’d reviewed a Paranormal Romance series in my Top 5 list, which had more SciFi elements rather than Fantasy. This time, I’m reviewing a series that brings a new light to vampires, meaning that they can shape-shift and utilize telepathy among many other characteristics.

Christine Feehan’s Dark series is, in one word, breathtaking. What I love about Christine’s writing is that the language is so elegant and fluid. Her word choice makes you feel as if the book is almost written in a different time, yet she still carries out the battle scenes and romance effortlessly.

As for the storyline, Christine incorporates all sorts of paranormal elements into her Dark series. When you read her first book, her description of the Carpathians makes them seem like they are a combination of mythical creatures with unlimited powers. You wouldn’t think they are an ancient race of vampires based on their powers, that is, until she describes when they feed.

Although, as a reader, I’ve had my moments of visualizing the story a little different than what is written. I think that we all can attest to that in some way, shape or form. Letting your imagination run free is half the fun of reading a novel.

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

cover_new“Enter the enchanting world of the Carpathians, where dark adventure, mystery, and love await, and the desires of two daring hearts unite in one irresistible passion.”-Christine Feehan

Raven Whitney, a withdrawn woman with telepathic abilities, finds herself in need of a long vacation after rigorously using her powers as a way to hunt serial killers. She escapes to a place far away from home–a place where her mind and body can heal from the trauma of being inside a murderer’s mind. But, having the power of telepathy comes at a price: having to distance oneself from others in order to feel the least bit sane, instead of being overwhelmed by the oncoming tornado of emotions. Her spiritual balance is soon disrupted when she psychically reaches out to a man consumed by loneliness and despair and finds that she is tied to him for life.

The Carpathians, a primal race of unique vampires, slowly diminish as females become extinct and males succumb to the desire to kill. Mikhail Dubrinsky, the Carpathians’ leader, has seen his kind fall prey to the darkness in desperation time and time again. He fears that his will alone won’t be enough for him to stray from the same path. Only his destined life mate can save his soul.

Drawn to a human’s telepathic aura, Mikhail pries through the psychic walls Raven has put up and invites an electric attraction that neither of them can resist. Even as fate brings these predestined mates together, malicious beings threaten to break down their eternal bond and lay wake to destruction.

Join me next week for my last review. This is part 4 of a 5 part series.

As a Library Associate, Stephanie works with patrons both on the floor and in the call center in order to better their library experience. Stephanie is currently majoring in Creative Writing at Washburn University. She enjoys reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but her favorite genre is Paranormal Romance. She also hopes to become a successful writer, as well as editor, in the future.