More Saoirse Ronan please!

Do you follow Saoirse Ronan? She’s a young American actress raised in Ireland.

Do you struggle to pronounce her name? Me too! Luckily, Ryan Gosling gave the world a hand back in 2016 when he presented her with an award at the Hollywood Film Awards – “It’s Ser-sha, like inertia.”



I recently read an article on her upcoming movie Mary Queen of Scots that triggered a new obsession and need to binge-watch my favorite Saoirse-movies!  Here are my top three:

1 Hanna

I think this is my favorite Saoirse-movie. Hanna is about a girl-child assassin on a mission and it’s got Eric Bana and chameleon Cate Blanchett!  I really like stories about strong girls.

2 Atonement

I know Saoirse plays a supporting character in Atonement, but it’s pivotal to this World War II story!  This one is based on the book by Ian McEwan too.

3 The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a story from the perspective of someone dead. That sounds horrifying I know, but it works, trust me. This movie is also based on the book by Alice Sebold, an Oprah’s book club pick.


She’s done some really good work recently too in Lady Bird and Brooklyn.  So what’s your favorite Saoirse-movie?


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