Michael Koryta’s Latest Supernatural Thriller

The RidgeAn early morning phone call asks Chief Deputy Kimble which he would prefer to investigate- a homicide or a suicide. Later, Wyatt French is discovered shot. French was something of an eccentric who drank too much but was known for building a lighthouse not by the ocean but in the mountains of Kentucky.

The reason behind building the lighthouse is a mystery, but a nearby mountain road is known for car accidents and the terrible darkness that covers the mountain without the light. Next to the lighthouse is a big-cat sanctuary that has just moved in, though the cats are restless in their new home as if something is out there.

In The Ridge the light goes out at the lighthouse and bad things happen in this new thriller by Michael Koryta. Whatever is waiting in the dark is deadly, but stopping the evil isn’t going to be easy. Can Kimble solve the riddle behind French’s lighthouse and the cryptic notes that were left before more victims are claimed? This is a story that uses mood to inspire dread and characters to create interest; it is chilling, not with gore, but with the unknown.


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