George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards Mosaic Series

Fort FreakManhattan’s fifth precinct has its fair share of drama with murder, robberies, gangs, and petty crimes. There’s Detective Leo Storgman, who on the verge of his retirement, decides to reexamine a murder case that never had closure, and then there is a new guy, a law student, who must decide if he made a mistake becoming a cop. It seems like a typical police drama except for one thing- some of them are mutants.


Welcome to the world of the Wild Cards Mosaic Series where an alien virus years ago changed some of the population. For the mutants known as the jokers at any time in their lives a physical mutation will appear, while the aces, on the other hand, develop a special power – which can be useful or useless. The latest installment to this series is Fort Freak: A Wild Cards Mosaic Novel edited by George R. R. Martin. Various writers have contributed to this novel including Cherie Priest, Paul Cornell, and Melinda Snodgrass.


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