Deadly Family Secrets in Deadly Descent

Deadly DescentTwin sisters Fiona and Zelda didn’t get along, but their earlier fights were nothing compared to this. Zelda wrote a family story that she gave to the Carlton County Historical Society, and in this story she revealed a family secret that could have implications for her nephew Brian’s political career. Fiona, protective of her son’s career as well as her own reputation, is not about to stand by and let that story go.

Unfortunately for Lottie Albright, who is both the director of the Carlton County Historical Society and Brian’s Election Committee Chairman, this may seem like a difficult situation, and the historical society is clear on its policy not to remove family stories and histories. The story stays, but Zelda turns up brutally murdered.

To help find the murderer, Lottie volunteers as a deputy, and she’s about to find out that secrets of the past can be just as deadly today. Deadly Descentby Charlotte Hinger is the first book in a series featuring Lottie. The series takes place in western Kansas where Lottie is considered a newcomer and an outsider even though she has lived there for years. The next book in the series is Lethal Lineage.


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