#checkitout – Can You Spot All The Swiftie Stuff?

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Hopefully, you’ve been celebrating National Library Week in STYLE by taking full advantage of all your library has to offer!

SOME of the MANY things going on at the library are seen in our new #checkitout video!

(Wha?! You haven’t seen it yet! Take the next 3 minutes & 58 seconds to rectify that!)

Whew!  Now that we’re all on the same page…

Perhaps your keen eyes caught on to the fact that Taylor Swift is a BIG part of our video.  We’re obviously pretty big fans here at the library (Swifties, if you will).  One reason we chose to make a video using this song is her outspoken love of libraries and literacy.

SO to further show OUR love for HER we loaded up our #checkitout video with more Taylor references then you can shake a stick at!  Call them what you will: Nods, Winks, Allusions, Cameos or Easter Eggs (if you are hip to media related slang).  We packed them all over the place!

Now for the fun part – you get to GO HUNTING!

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you: “The #checkitout Taylor Swift Treasure Hunt!”

There are song and album nods:

Coin Flip






DVDs and Music she’s been in:

3 Hands






And whoa man, is there a lot of RED in those outfits (Yep, that was all intentional):








There’s a whole slew of them and the more you know Taylor the more you will find!       (Feel free to really unleash your inner Swift love!)

FAIR WARNING: you WILL have to pause the video to catch them all.

You can bulk up on your Swift-y knowledge and trivia by perusing all the Taylor related titles available right now at the library:


Don’t forget to find her streaming on Hoopla too!







Think you found them all? Tell us your favorite one below.

Then challenge other Swifties to play along!

(And for those of you who go straight for the answer key… Find the Complete List: Here!)

Kyle is a former library employee. He was and probably still is up to his ears in music. His interests include songwriting, mixtape making, life-hacking, and being a good dad.

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