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Check out some of the newest sports titles we have added to our collection. Several of them are currently available for checkout, but a few have just recently been ordered. If you are interested in one that is currently on order, you can place a request to be sure you have a chance to read it as soon as it arrives.

Epic: John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and the Greatest Season in Tennis Ever by Matthew Cronin

Chronicles the 1980 tennis season of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg on and off the court – from practices to partying – with an in depth look at the legendary U.S. Open and Wimbledon final matches featuring the two tennis legends.



A Moment in Time: An American Story of Baseball, Heartbreak, and Grace by Ralph Branca

Branca, best known for giving up Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard Round the World” in 1951, tells his story as one of the premier pitchers in the National League during his career while sharing stories and perspective from baseball’s golden age.


Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine by George Dohrmann

Tells the true, yet sometimes sad story of the world of youth basketball, particularly on the AAU circuit – from win-at-all-cost coaches, parents, and powerful sneaker companies who see young players as a means to an end, to the simple hoop dreams of the boys who just love to play the game.


Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton by Jeff Pearlman

Pearlman takes us on a trip through the life of one of the greatest players to play the game of football at any position – from his youth growing up in Mississippi, to his college days at Jackson State, his Hall of Fame career with the Bears, and his tragic death at an early age.



Stan Musial: An American Life by George Vecsey

Perhaps one of the most underrated baseball players of all-time, Stan Musial seems to get lost in the shadow of Ted Williams, the other great left handed hitter of his era – Vecsey takes the reader on a journey through the life of one of the greatest players, and people, to ever play the game.



All In: From Refugee Camp To Poker Champ by Jerry Yang with Mark Tabb

Profiles the improbable rise to success of Jerry Yang, winner of the 2007 World Series of Poker – from his childhood in a Thai refugee camp to his sudden rise to success in the poker world, Yang’s story is an inspirational one that shows that the American Dream is still achievable.



America’s Quarterback: Bart Starr and the Rise of the National Football League by Keith Dunnavant

While Dunnvant’s book offers a look at the life of Starr, it also explores the connection between the Hall of Fame quarterback and the popular rise of the NFL, as well as his importance in the success of legendary coach Vince Lombardi.


56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports by Kostya Kennedy

Chronicles DiMaggio’s amazing hit streak against the backdrop of the summer of 1941 – exploring how the streak impacted countless people from all walks of life, all throughout the country – it is still one of the most revered records in all of sport.


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