At the ballpark

Baseball post-season is upon us y’all! Do you wanna make a friendly wager on who will be in this year’s World Series?!

I describe myself as a fair-weather fan when it comes to baseball. If the Royals aren’t doing well, I don’t pay attention at all. That being said, I did watch a Rockies/Dodgers game last month. The only thing I remember about the game was what a big-dog-deal Blackmon’s hair and beard is and this article really had me laughing!


Anyway, this month I’m sharing my three favorite baseball movies, along with a few others:

  • Bull Durham
    This is my hands-down favorite baseball movie. It’s funny, it’s got romance, it’s poetically reverent about baseball, and it’s the first in Costner’s trifecta of baseball movies – Field of Dreams and For Love of the Game.
  • Major League
    I’m a Big ‘ol Fan of underdog stories and this one is light and silly and makes me laugh. By the way, this was Rene Russo’s first acting gig!
  • The Sandlot
    This coming of age adventure taps into all the sweet nostalgia of childhood!

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