A Thanksgiving list

Happy November y’all! Let’s commence with Thanksgiving preparations… Or not…. Is it too soon for you? My Type-A plan it all out personality would argue that we are already behind! So today, I want to share a few recommendations.

Kitchen tip #1

If you’re in charge of the meal and you lean toward the traditional, get this book – Thanksgiving: how to cook it well by Sam Sifton. It really is the best practical guide for all of the meal basics. This book covers the turkey, sides, setting the table, drinks and leftovers.

Kitchen tip #2

If you’re in charge of the meal and you find yourself alone in the kitchen, queue up your favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode! You know, for background noise if you’re so inclined.While I love them all, my personal fav is The One With All the Thanksgivings (season 5 episode 8).

Most importantly #3

If you’re into a low key kind of day, pop in a Thanksgiving themed movie! Here are my picks:

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (the gang has been a seminal favorite since 1973!)
  2. ALL the Friends Thanksgiving episodes
  3. Home for the Holidays (eccentric extended family for the win)
  4. Planes Trains and Automobiles (you simply can’t go wrong with classic John Candy)
  5. Pieces of April (another eccentric family experience)

Additionally, if you’re into putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving evening, I recommend instead my warm-and-fuzzy list! They are all excellent choices too.

As they say over at Dinner a Love Story…

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, be safe, give thanks and don’t forget the leftover sandwich.


Shannon Eddings

Shannon is movie-obsessed and her infatuation with the silver screen can be traced back to a single event. After helping her move into her first apartment, her mom left her with this parting remark: “Don’t spend all your money at the movies!” From that point on, thanks to her library card, Shannon continues to feed her obsession! She is the library's Database Administrator.