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You Can Draw!

kidsdrawing1"Can you draw?" is a question most people can answer "Yes" or "No." If you answered "Yes," you can read this out of curiosity (but it’s not really for you). If you answered "No" - please read on.

To start with, I think everybody can draw!

If you’ve given up on drawing because it isn’t “good” stop and think:

  • When did you decide you couldn’t draw?
  • What happened to make you think so?

You most likely started out drawing. All kids can draw even if we have to ask “What is it?” They have a story to tell or a feeling to express, so they draw.

As time goes on those who can draw things that look “real” stand out. Everyone notices and supports this talent with praise.

And at some point, you decided you couldn't draw. Want to start drawing again? Here are three suggestions to get you started:

  • Drawing books for kids - these step-by-step instructions and examples don’t assume you have talent.
  • If you practice, you can learn to draw animals, objects, and even people.
  • Don’t forget to cut yourself some slack. Your drawings may never match the examples.
  • You’ll have your own style.


  • If you master these, you can graduate to simple adult level drawing books.
  • Choose subjects that you are most interested in.
  • Practice!
  • Take your time.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself.


If expression is your passion, just go for it:

  • Try experimenting with shapes and colors.
  • Try different media.
  • Play and don’t censor your images.
  • See what comes up!
art-bookThen the fun begins:
  • Focus on what you want your picture to show.
  • Look at pictures you like.
  • Notice how the images are arranged.

Now make a drawing that tells your story or expresses your feelings.

  • Be proud.
  • Share it with those who are likely to be supportive.
  • Frame it. Hang it. Admire it.

Keep on making art. Because now you can draw!

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