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What YA' Reading: Secrets


The characters in these books have lots of intriguing secrets. Check out a few of my favorite secret-keeping novels.

House of Marionne by J. Elle

house of marionneQuell has has been on the run her entire life, terrified someone will discover she has a forbidden dark magic inside of her. If it is discovered, she will be killed.

When an assassin finds her, she runs to the only place she might be able to find safety –her grandmother's home, which also happens to be a school for the magical elite. If Quell can pass a series of tests and debut into this society without anyone discovering her secret, she will be able to hide it forever. She'll aslo gain membership in Order with all the privileges that come to the elite. But as her education progresses, Quell learns there may be more to the Order than she ever thought. She'll need to choose who she wants to become.

House of Marionne was fun to read. The system of magic the characters use is interesting and I love the comparison of the dark toushana magic versus the socially accepted magic. Throughout the book, Quell struggles with keeping her secret trying to figure out who she can trust, especially knowing that one mistake could cost her everything.

If you like House of Marionne, check out J. Elle's Wings of Ebony series.



Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

fruits basketTohru Honda was an orphan living in a tent, making the best of a bad situation. Little did she know that her tent was on the property of the rich and powerful Sohma family. When she stumbles into Yuki, Shigure and Kyo Shoma, she has no way to realize how much her life is going to change. The Sohma family has lived under an ancient curse that causes them to change into the animals of the zodiac. Can she help them and keep their secret?

Fruits Basket is one of my favorite graphic novel series. The characters are fun to read and the banter between the members of the Sohma family brings the story to life. Tohru's eternal optimism and desire to help makes her character innately lovable. The challenges and trials each member of the Sohma family faces are heartbreaking. The more I read this series, the more I rooted for each of the characters.

If you like Fruits Basket, check out the Ouran High School Host Club series.



The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

the fixerTess' life is turned inside out when her sister Ivy forces her to move to Washington D.C. Tess is now in school with the children of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Even stranger, she somehow becomes their fixer - helping make her classmates' problems go away. But can Tess handle her own family's problems as they come back to haunt her?

The Fixer is an amazing ready for anyone who likes political intrigue with a side of witty comebacks. Tess is immensely relatable as she works to navigate a world that is completely foreign to her with only her wits to rely on. She stumbles through the moments of figuring out new friends, new classes, and a new relationship with a sister she barely knows. As Tess and Ivy's relationship grows, I couldn't help but cheer for them as they discover what it really means to be family.

If you like The Fixer, check out Jennifer Lynn Barnes' series The Inheritance Games.


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