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What 'YA Reading: New year, new me

Happy 2024, readers! I hope you’re all finding fun new reads and that you participated in our Winter Reading Challenge! If so, pause here to fill that stunning new mug of yours with your hot beverage of choice to enjoy while you read this post. As tradition demands for us to begin each new year with resolutions of change and improvement, I’ve assembled a list of three new books (really new, they’re all on order – put yourself on hold for them now!) where our protagonists go through some changes that may or may not turn out to be for the best.

The Invocations by Krystal Sutherland

innvocations bookThe Invocations we meet three young female protagonists all hurt and permanently altered by the pain they bear. Zara's older sister was the victim of a serial killer targeting witches and she will give anything to try and bring her back. Jude made a bad deal with a dark character that has tethered what’s left of her soul to demons and keeps her in chronic pain. Finally, there is Emer, a curse writer on the run from her past that is intent on hunting her down. The three unite in a dark, witchy tale of female rage that goes far beyond a serial killer mystery.

Krystal Sutherland has done it again. Her writing explodes off the page with a quick-paced, stress-inducing (in the best way), horror-packed story. I do want to offer a warning that this contains elements of body horror, so be aware of your triggers and proceed accordingly. Read this one with ALL the lights on! 

The Colliding Worlds of Mina Lee by Ellen Oh

Colliding bookMina Lee expects to have an average day as she heads to SAT prep classes. That, however, is not what she gets. Instead, she gets transported into her own web comic, which is apparently part of the multiverse. Sounds super cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with characters you’ve dreamed up? Well, what if those characters have a mind of their own and turn evil? Mina’s story is the case, and she must try to save everyone if she is going to find a way home. She does still want to go home, right? 

This is a surprisingly emotional read despite all the fun plot twists and premises. Mina has a lot of grief to process but thanks to Ellen Oh’s spectacular writing, it remains an adventurous read. Keep the tissues close at hand! 

We Got the Beat by Jenna Miller

book coverCan friends who have turned to enemies be friends again? Or maybe more than friends?

Jordan has prepared herself for the coveted editor position, even though she’s only a junior, certain it will be hers. Only she’s passed over for editor and handed the volleyball beat? It’s like they don’t even know her. To make matters worse, her arch nemesis, her ex-best friend Mackenzie is the captain of the volleyball team. But Jordan is nothing if not professional.  

This book has all the out, loud and proud queer representation and I am here for it. It will make you laugh and want to roll your eyes at all the drama. Jenna Miller has delivered a slice of my one of my favorite YA tropes: friends-to-lovers. Best enjoyed with an ‘80s soundtrack! 

Put these on hold and peruse some of our other new books coming soon!


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