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What YA' Reading: Lamar Giles thrillers

Friends! It’s that time of year- AUTHOR SEASON! Get your cardigans, your warm beverages, prepare your favorite reading spots, and cuddle up with one of Lamar Giles’ books. Mark your calendars to meet him Nov 2 at the library! Let me tell you about some of my favorites of his novels. 

Fake ID

book cover Black teen in red hoddie runningReady to dive into a mystery? Jump into Nick’s life undercover in the witness protection program. Being in the witness protection program comes with a lot of rules. Things like not telling people your real name or where you’re really from. Staying out of trouble is also important.  Staying out of trouble becomes a lot more difficult when Nick’s best friend Eli winds up dead before he revealed the conspiracy he was working to uncover. Now Nick has to choose between following the rules of the program and solving a murder. Life is about to get complicated.  This page turner is a must read! Check this one out and see if you can solve the case before Nick. 


book cover teen girl wearing headphones behind DJ equipmentThe local music scene is reeling from the loss of their beloved DJ ParSec. Paris Secord, AKA DJ ParSec, was on the brink of national success with her music career until she was murdered. Her fans – the ParSec Nation – are watching her friends make accusations against each other as they fling potential motives publicly. When it comes to light that Paris was close to securing a deal that would have resulted in her leaving her old life behind, new motives emerge. With the rabid and deadly side of the fandom rearing its head, Paris’ friends seek the truth. The killer draws closer. Are Paris' friends able to solve the murder before their own lives come to an untimely end? 

The Getaway

book cover dark red and black closeup of a face with x's drawn on eyes and a drawn on smileHere is your warning – this book is most definitely horror. Horror of the Black Mirror flavor. The get in your mind type of thriller. In The Getaway things aren’t going so great in the world and Karloff County is an oasis from the difficult negative events. However, it’s only an oasis for certain people. Jay's a high school senior who lives and works in the theme park in Karloff County. Along with his friends and coworkers, they live pretty well serving the park's rich customers. 
The story kicks off when someone goes missing and only Jay and his friends seem to care. It falls to them to figure out what is happening. As more rich move to Karloff to live in this oasis, more of the current occupants disappear. There is also a big change in the way the park employees are treated.
This book comes at you with multiple perspectives, but you’ll spend most of it with Jay. You’ll also get perspectives from his friends Zeke and Connie. I’ll give you another warning that this horror is not regarding things that go bump in the night but the worst humanity has to offer. Read this one. 

Lamar Giles has so many more great books! Check this list for more.

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