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What YA' Reading: Autumn vibes

There's nothing quite like a cozy read to help you get into the autumn mindset of chilly temps, fall foods and falling leaves. Here's a quick list of YA books with autumn vibes to get you started.

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Birdie and Joseph are both going through a LOT right now. Birdie suffers from narcolepsy and a very overactive imagination. She's hopeful her new job at a hotel will make her dream of being a heroic detective into a reality. Daniel shares the nocturnal shift with Birdie and offers to be her guide.

The two embark on a real life mystery involving a reclusive and famous writer who lives at the hotel. Driven by their appetite for intrigue, Birdie and Joseph learn more about one another and discover the true mystery may be more about each other.

This is such a good cozy book that left me with a feeling of a whole heart as the characters learn more about one another.

American Panda by Gloria Chao

Mei is a 17 year old MIT med student whose strict Taiwanese parents pressure her to be perfect. She tries so hard to live up to her parents expectations even though her mother constantly speaks negatively about her.

Mei is having a hard time walking the tight rope between her traditional culture and being her authentic self. Does she really want to become a doctor? What should she do about her boyfriend who her parents would absolutely disapprove of? How should she feel about her brother coming back into her life after her family disowned him?

This was such a fun and funny read that dug deep into Mei's family relationships and issues with being a first generation daughter of immigrant parents.

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey

Nothing shouts cozy ready like a rom com about two people working at rival bookstores.

Madeline works at the bookstore her family has owned for generations. Her only dream is to come back from college to take over the store from her aunt. But there's a huge problem – a chain bookstore opened down the street and now the business is in jeopardy. Jasper, the extremely cute guy who works there, is stealing all Madeline's customers and ruining her life.

This a very light and fun read that leans heavily into the meet-cute used bookshop storyline. Just what you need on an autumn afternoon with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

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