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Uncover the Best Genealogy Tools

It used to be difficult to figure out which genealogy product was best for you. Online reviews allow you to compare and contrast the products side by side. You can see how they line up against each other to decide which one works best for you.

Building Family Trees

Building your family tree online and searching for data about your family is one of the quickest ways to build your family tree. There are quite a few websites out there to help you. Each website offers something a little different. You can find out what each offers by checking online website comparisons. Some of them offer huge databases, which make them a go-to place for searching. But they also offer the ability to build your family tree (pedigree) with all sorts of bells and whistles. Some of them are fee-based and others are free.

A couple of these sites you can use for free with your library card. You can access Ancestry Library Edition (a version of for free at the library and FamilySearch you can use anywhere with your library card. Check out our popular resources to access these and other genealogy tools.

DNA Testing and Genealogy Software

DNA is one of the most fascinating and popular topics today. Which company offers the most for your money? Each company can provide different things. Check out this DNA comparison website to wade through the choices.

When it comes to genealogy software, many people aren't aware that instead of completing online trees, they can complete a tree on their home computer. This gives you anonymity and complete privacy without sharing your family tree. There are quite a few bells and whistles here too. For instance some of these programs allow you to print a book from your data, add photos and stories as well as sync up with online trees for research and online information comparisons. They are also compatible with programs that allow printing wall charts and a host of other choices. Check out these computer program comparisons. If you are looking for free options, we have printable worksheets for your genealogy work.


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