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The Magical Flute

hannah-vertical-for-webMusic for a Sunday Afternoon presented Hannah Porter Occeña on October 2, 2016. Hannah's brilliantly beautiful playing makes you happy.

In her third season as principal flutist of the Topeka Symphony and the KC Midwest Chamber Ensemble, Occeña continually inspires colleagues and audiences with her masterful solos.

The flute is an ancient musical instrument. It is played all over the world in different forms. Making a flute sound is as simple as blowing over a soda pop bottle. But mastering the modern orchestral flute is as elusive and ethereal as the sound of the flute itself.

The library has many materials related to the flute - learning methods, stories like The Magic Flute, Jazz, Classical, World and Folk flute music. Try listening to some of the music or read a story about the flute - you may find it a magical experience!


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