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The Bookmark S3 E31: Discussable books

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In this episode, we talk about books that are very discussable. These are books with interesting characters or complicated themes that you really want to chat with another reader (or multiple readers) about to get their perspective.

If you're looking for a book that can inspire a great discussion or a book club to discuss books with, we have you covered. Check out our variety of book clubs. We also have a large library of Book Groups in a Bag (more than 200 titles) you can check out that have 10 copies of a book and a discussion guide. You'll find titles that vary from heavy-hitting literature to light reads and everything in between.

Our hosts decided on a new group read: Midnight in Chernobyl by . We'll talk about this next season.

Books we discussed in this episode


What’s Next?

The next episode of The Bookmark drops May 2!

Meet your Hosts

Autumn Friedli, Chris Blocker and Miranda Ericsson relish talking books with recurring readers and special guests from the library and community in The Bookmark.

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