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The Bookmark Podcast S3 E9: It's about time


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In this episode Autumn, Miranda and Chris discuss how time feeds into stories. They discuss books that take place over a span of time, those that have time repeating itself, timeline variants, converging timelines and time displacement.  There are even books that go into the borderline time between sleep and awake. This discussion is peppered with book recommendations and, of course, pop culture references.

Mrs. March update:  Next week we'll discuss Mrs. March! No one seems surprised that Chris still hasn't finished the book.

Autumn presents a new segment called "Mmm... Books! with Miranda" where Miranda recommends 3 books she's been reading.




What’s Next?

The next episode of The Bookmark drops November 15!

Meet your Hosts

Autumn Friedli, Chris Blocker and Miranda Ericsson relish talking books with recurring readers and special guests from the library and community in The Bookmark.

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